Re: Re[2]: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Ed Levinson (elevinso@Accurate.COM)
Tue, 21 Mar 1995 15:44:19 -0500

There have been a number of suggestions to use a new type instead
of an existing one for CGM and 3D (and IGES too?).

The matter is not clear for me. So far I have only observed
arguements by assertion; perhaps I missed some messages. Yes, 3-D and
vector graphics are different than raster graphics but that doesn't
mean that we can't use subtypes of Image or Application. Someone
needs to identify where, for 3-D and vector, the existing MIME types break.
Let's not let the fact that there are no current vector subtypes blind
us to the availability of the usefulness of the EXISTING environment.

Very briefly and as best as I can tell, a new type requires upgrading the
existing infrastructure (installed base). A new subtype only requires
adding a new entry to the configuration files of consenting adults.


On Mon, 20 Mar 1995 17:24:40 EST "Alan Peltzman" wrote:

> 3D Colleagues:

> Can we initiate an effort to introduce a
> new MIME type that can accomodate
> 3D vector graphics?

> I would propose a more general category than just 3D:
> graphics/product data

> /or/

> graphics/product data modeling

> In any event, I believe that CGM and IGES need to occupy
> the same MIME type.

> - Alan Peltzman