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>> It's about time 3D came out of the lab. Doom is that first big step. Give
>> it credit for sparking the minds of all those little game crazy
>> teenagers, some of whom will some day join our ranks as top notch
>> computer scientists and engineers, building what THEY envision.

I have been trying to keep in the background as not to say anything that
will upset the group but I would like to reenforce the above statement.
While I am not a "game crazy teenager", I have been working hard to join the
ranks of those who are members of this group.

-----------------------------Begin Soapbox Speech------------------------------
I have started my own WWW business in the Western Massachusetts Area
servicing all three Internet providers and a new virtual mall. I have been
working hard on campus of the University of Massachusetts, (where I am a
freshman), to get the various departments to have and understand e-mail and
the web, am the student rep on both the Faculty Senate and School of Natural
Sciences and Maths Computer Committee, and the only student member of the
Western Massachusetts Technology Coordinators. I am alone- but only on
campus. The "staff" I have created to help me with my projects include 3
high school juniors, a high school sophomore and a freshman from the
University of Maryland. One of the juniors and the sophomore set up gwstat
in 1/2 an hour.

I don't know if you would say they have joined the ranks yet, as they
haven't made it to college but you can bet that once they get there they
will work their hardest to make it to the top. I am striving for the same
goal and although I don't have the correct resources, I hope I will be able
to make VRML one of my priorities.
----------------------------------------------End, Stepping off

Now that you know my position, although I won't be a highly contributing
member to the group- I hope to learn enough to carry on what research there
is when I have the apporpriate qualifications.

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