ADMIN: VRML Behaviors

Mark D. Pesce (
Mon, 20 Mar 95 14:01:37 -0800

VRML List Members:

The time is almost ripe for a full discussion of the feature set for VRML
2.0; but my feeling is that the time is not quite yet - there are a number
of issues that have to be dealt with in the VRML 1.0 draft, *before* 14
April - when we will be presenting the VRML 1.0 Final specification to the
attendees at WWW '95. These issues include (but are not limited to):

1) Binary formats
2) Text
3) Anything else we appear to have forgotten.

My intuition is that if we begin active discussion of behavior issues, these
outstanding holes in our specification will most likely remain unfilled;
and, given the intense interest which will soon be focused on VRML, it's
just sound policy to line our ducks up before we move on to the next set of

I encourage you to begin active research into behavior specifications - but
privately - so we can bring our 1.0 specification to closure.


Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator