RE: VRML Backgrounder

Jan Hardenbergh (
Mon, 20 Mar 95 11:56:00 E

Mark, Great job!!!

> There are some areas where VRML is still incomplete. Except for the
> hyperlinking feature, the first version of VRML does not support
> interactive behaviors. This was a practical decision intended to
> streamline design and implementation. Design of a language for
> describing interactive behaviors is a big job, particularly when the
> language needs to express behaviors of objects communicating on a
> network. Support for arbitrary interactive behaviors is critical to the
> long-term success of VRML; it will be included in the second revision of
> the VRML specification, which will be completed by December of 1995.

Is the consensus that interactive behaviors will be added to VRML?

The conceptual model that I had been working on is that we add scripted
behaviors to VRML and add another protocol to handle interactivity.