RE: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Steve Dorner (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:16:55 -0600

At 8:57 AM 3/16/95, Steve Waterbury wrote:
>say much: the existing image subtypes are all raster formats,
>but the Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) has been proposed as a
>subtype of the image/* type, and a CGM file has a lot more structure
>than a raster file, so that confused us.

Image means simply 'picture', not 'bitmap'. If what you wind up with is
something to look at, image is fine.

>Actually, an uncompressed IGES file is just ASCII, so it is
>simpler than many of the binary files in the application/*
>or image/* types. I suggested that for transmission/
>gateway purposes, IGES could be a text/* type :-)

Text/* means that a human would plausibly get useful information from
having the raw data blatted on his screen. Not all data expressed in ascii
conveys meaning to the unaided human reader (take, for example, a US tax
form); my guess is that IGES would be awfully hard to interpret sans
software, and so is inappropriate for text/*.

>so I
>don't think we really understand the intent of the top (type)
>level in the MIME system

There are many people who would agree with you here. :-)

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