Re: proposed new Media Type application/iges

Keith Moore (
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 22:41:58 -0500

> We are working toward proposing "world" as part of the VRML effort.
> VRML is a 3D extension to the Web. Check out
> The prototypes are proceding with x-world/x-vrml (and the less polite
> using simply world/vrml)
> I strongly believe that the 3D model is a fundemental datatype. IGES is
> one, DXF, CGM (with 3D extensions), dof, off, iff, iv as well as
> application specific files.

Depends on what you mean by "fundamental". As I see it, the relevant
questions are:

1) do 3D models require different "hardware" support or support from
the transmission medium to be usable, from (say) that for image/* or

2) is there a default user agent behavior that applies to *all* 3D
models in your proposed world/* class?

The top level in MIME types is designed to allow filtering by gateways
between different kinds of messaging systems (so that you don't try to
ship audio/* to a pager or image/* to voice mail), and also to provide
default user agent handling of content-types. So the argument needs
to be pitched in these terms.