LANG: Binary Format Final?

Mark D. Pesce (
Sat, 11 Mar 95 12:46:14 -0800

VRML List Members:

It looks as though we have achieved consensus on binary language formats:
we'll maintain the straight ASCII format, and have a gzip-format as well.

Perhaps this format should have a file extension of .wrz versus .wrl?
MS-DOS descendent machines won't deal with a file.wrl.gzip extension type,
so we'll need to accomodate the 8-plus-3 legacy adequately. The MIME type
could well be world/compressed-vrml.

Is this now acceptable? If so, we'll fold it into the revised
specification for the Draft VRML 1.0 standard; Gavin Bell is fixing some
errors in it, and we can add a section on compression specifications. Mail
me directly (, unless there is something you feel we
still need to cover.

Also, since gzip is GNU-available source, is anyone interested in doing a
'C' language module (ideally, cross-platform compilable), that incorporates
this feature? We can add it to our growing library of source code.


Mark Pesce
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