Re: get a URL

Scott Nelson (
Wed, 8 Mar 1995 10:14:39 -0800

On Mar 8, 9:33am, Al Globus wrote:
> Subject: get a URL
>I need a very simple function that I'm sure
>someone here has done.
>void* getURL( char* url );
>this functin takes a complete URL as input and returns
>the contents of the file at that URL. I know I could
>figure this puppy out from the http spec in a fairly
>short time -- but it'd be even quicker to get what
>someone has already done. It's obviously useful
>for VRML. Thanx in advance.
>-- End of excerpt from Al Globus

You may want to look into the following from Oscar Nierstrasz,,,

# This package and friends can be found at:
# or ftp:

There not in the C that you were looking for, but it
sould be a simple port.

Scott Nelson


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