LANG: Missing node TextureCoordinateBinding

Oliver Grau (
Thu, 2 Mar 95 13:36:00 +0100


my name is Oliver Grau. I'm working at the university of Hannover (Germany)
on the automatic modeling of three-dimensional objects from images.

We produce 3D models as polygonal or triangular meshes and map texture
on them from the original input images. So what i need is explicit texture

This feature is not supported in VRML 1.0 !

What we need is the additional node TextureCoordinateBinding.

At the CeBIT'95 we want to show some of our models. We hacked a tool named
VRML-Leotool which has some of the VRML features. It runs on a
SUN SPARC20 with the SX graphics adapter and textures are quite quick.
I will announce some more infos on that toppic (there a lot to do now...).

At the moment i assume PER_VERTEX mapping.

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