Relative URLs in external viewing applications?

Jan Hardenbergh (
Wed, 01 Mar 95 16:52:00 E

I set up a few files to play with

These are currently for testing Anchor & Inline - I want to explore
LevelOfDetail & Switch & more Inline as ways to get different
sized (pgon count) versions of the same models.

Anyway, here is my question. If you go to the above URL is resolves
to Welcome.html. Now is I click on Sample.wrl using a web browser
that is configured to fire off an external viewer, it gives my very
simple viewer a local filename. In Sample.wrl, I'd like to Inline
"Door.wrl", but if I do, my viewer has no context to know from whence
the original came.

Anyway, I fully qualified all of the URLs in the tests.

This problem goes away when every browser also understands VRML. Then
we do not care about external viewers. It's likely that VRML is the
first media type to have this problem. Is it a general problem?

Does anyone have any other insights?