Re: LANG: Binary formats.

Len Wanger (lrw@SDSC.EDU)
Tue, 28 Feb 1995 11:03:46 -0800 (PST)

> Remember who this is coming from (A member of the Inventor team) and therefore
> I am biased. The idea of a binary format is great but the idea of something
> structurally different from the Ascii format scares me. "Algorithmic
> descriptions of generated geometries"? If you can describe something that does
> not fit in the Ascii format this is not appropriate. Inventor already has a
> binary format. It is very poor in that it does not compress data very well but
> On Feb 28, 7:05am, Peter Kennard wrote:
> > Subject: Re: LANG: Binary formats.
> > Well, I know you know but Venue(tm) is an appropriate foundation (when it
> > gets a final linker) for a binary format. Basicly it offers:

I agree completely with Chris's reply (not being a member of the
Inventor team, and not even using Inventor in my implementation!). The
point of the binary format is a more compact and faster to format - not
the definition of a new standard.

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