Re: LANG: Binary formats.

Scott Nelson (
Tue, 28 Feb 1995 09:04:32 -0800

On Feb 28, 7:05am, Peter Kennard wrote:
> - A powerful binary interpreter for the algorythmic description of
>"generated" geometries and rule based objects, as well as interactive
>conditional processing with the server. An ideal basis for a 3-D "PostSculpt".

"PostSculpt", I love it!

I'd appreciate any feedback on the following:

I have a 50x50x50 block of cubes. This takes several minutes to
image (using OpenInventor) the first time. Is this a:
1. parsing problem?
2. ordering problem?
3. hidden object problem?

I've always felt (and Jan Hardenbergh disagrees with me, I think) that there
are two distinct categories of 3D:
1. a few number of complex shapes
2. a large number of simple shapes.

If others agree with my above statement, does this imply that
VRML needs 'hints' as part of the language (kind of like "register"
and "inline" for C++) to help describe parts of the scene to the viewer?
This is just an optimization sort of thing, but then again that's the
whole point.

Thanks for any feedback.

Scott Nelson


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