ANNOUNCE: Cyberview 3D Document Generator

Paul Burchard (
Sat, 25 Feb 95 16:29:40 -0700

The Cyberview 3D Document Generator

by Paul Burchard and The Geometry Center

The Cyberview 3D Document Generator is a new WWW server add-on
that makes it easy to create HTML documents with inline, rotatable,
hyperlinked 3D images ("3D imagemaps"). The pages generated by
Cyberview can be viewed in standard HTML 2.0-compatible Web browsers.
Try it at <URL:>!

3D pages are created using ordinary HTML, together with one special
<IMG3D> tag to inline the 3D data. Cyberview then converts these
template documents into dynamic HTML 2.0 FORMs for viewing. The 3D
scenes and their hyperlinks can be specified in any format
convertible into OOGL, including WebOOGL
<URL:> now, and VRML
<URL:> soon.

The Cyberview program itself is CGI 1.0/1.1-compliant, and designed
to be portable to most UNIX Web servers. Binaries for selected
platforms are freely available from The Geometry Center under the
terms of the GNU General Public License.

Paul Burchard <>
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