RE: Extending VRML, politely

Jan Hardenbergh (
Wed, 22 Feb 95 11:57:00 E

> Would a "VRMLLint" program that checked a VRML
> file for correctness and use of only official VRML nodes, plus an
> Inventor to VRML translator program be enough to alleviate the
> problem?

Yes, but do we have an official VRML, yet?

> I guess I'm looking for some concensus on the polite way of adding new
> features to the VRML spec. Something like:
> 1. Implement as an experimental feature. Implement in such a way that
> users know that they are using an experimental feature
> 2. Propose to VRML mailing list. Discuss, debate, convince.
> 3. Others implement/use the new feature.
> 4. New feature becomes part of the "official" VRML spec.

This is good. It would be better to let people know what you are doing
as soon as you start. You may get some good ideas from people thinking
about the same sorts of things.

P.S. What you are writing translaters, VRML would get a good shot in the arm
from a DXF to VRML widget.

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