Email MIME test page

Scott Nelson (
Tue, 7 Feb 1995 23:03:13 -0800


The preliminary version of the Email MIME test page is
now part of the Viewer Test Page at:

The Email test is the last item on the list.
If you press the TEST button, it will take you right to
the form. If you press the "Email MIME" text phrase, then
it will take you to the instructions.

Basically, the email test consists of a fillout form
asking you which data types you want. Presently there
are 15 MIME types (constituting 1.1MB) [4 chemical/* types,
3 world/* types, 3 image/* types, 1 video/* type, 2 audio/*
types and 2 text/* types].

If you have a modem, don't get carried away...

How to fill out the form:

1. Put checks in the check boxes for the data types that
you want mailed to you.

2. Select the radio button for the delivery option. Some smaller
computers can't receive a large block of data so this will
cut the mail message into smaller pieces.

3. Type in YOUR email address in the text field.

4. Press the SEND button.

Note that in order to do any of this, you have to have a
viewer with forms capability (which most of them do by now).

You will receive your mail in a few minutes with the MIME
objects attached...

We need configuration information for other email packages.
Right now, we've only got instructions for UNIX Zmail and
would appreciate info for the other mail packages.

Scott Nelson

PS this has been tested with UNIX Zmail and PC Eudora. If you
find problems with your configuration then please let us know.


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