Re: ANNOUNCE: VRML 1.0b1 Parser Released

Jan Hardenbergh (
Tue, 07 Feb 95 15:04:00 E

> What, exactly, does this code do ... ?

It can read and parse a VRML file. It also builds a C++ data structure
(display list)
that it can traverse. Basically, it is a library with two entry points:


For me, just trying to build a trivial viewette (viewer is too grand a
it works well. I've hacked the "traverser" to make OpenGL calls. I'm working
Mark to make this available.

However, let's say you wanted to make a PEX based viewer. That would
probably want to create structures during the parsing. More intelligience
and some willingness to fudge sematics would be needed.

> BTW -- is the a grammar for this?

not that I've seen.