Mosaic dead?
Mon, 30 Jan 1995 15:16:55 -0500

Since Spyglass has already licensed 16 million copies, and will put out
another 30 million through Windows 95 next year, I'd say that the rumors of
Mosaic's death are highly exaggerated.

>>...Microsoft was eager for the Spyglass deal because the young
>>company controls the patents to Mosaic, the original software that
>>converts the complexities of the Internet into a mouse-controlled
>>graphical form. Mosaic makes the entire Internet look much like
>>what computer users encounter on their desktops with Microsoft
>>Windows or the Apple Macintosh...
>This may have just been a factual error on the part of the Tribune writer,
>but the potential seriousness of what it suggests must not be ignored.
>Will they have any control over NetScape? If not, who cares WHAT they do
>with Mosaic? It's dead.
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