Re: CCI++

Paul Burchard (
Sat, 21 Jan 95 17:06:12 -0700 writes:
> I just saw this on www-talk. The rumor is that this company
> has rights to a UC pending patent that relates to any API
> that allows a Web browser to read a compound document that
> includes embedded programs.

If that isn't obvious, I don't know what is. I sure hope the patent
office doesn't fall for this one, although I can't say I'm

> Unisys "hid" the LZW patent while we all got hooked on GIF.

> These guys don't seem to be hiding anything.

Except that they didn't mention that these trivialities had to be
licensed in the "RFC-style" standards document they were shipping all
around the world. You have to actually go to their Web site.

I will copy this info to www-talk as well to warn people.

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