Re: CCI++
Sat, 21 Jan 1995 04:47:50 -0500

>Hmmm...what is this about "licensing" CCI++ on your eolas page? The
>spec you sent out says nothing about the protocol being proprietary.
>Let's not have ourselves another Unisys here, OK? :-)

I just saw this on www-talk. The rumor is that this company has rights to a
UC pending patent that relates to any API that allows a Web browser to read a
compound document that includes embedded programs. It sounds as if they're
going to make it royalty free for individual noncommercial use, but are
talking to the browser companies about licensing it for use in commercial

Unisys "hid" the LZW patent while we all got hooked on GIF. These guys don't
seem to be hiding anything.

Their spec looks like a pretty good solution for inlining external apps.