Re: ANNOUNCE: VRML 1.0b1 Parser Released

Jan Hardenbergh (
Fri, 20 Jan 95 16:56:00 E

> Did I miss it or is the source code unavailable? If not,
> when will it become available?

This never got answered to the list. The VRML spec does say:
" SGI has publicly stated that the
file format is available for use in the open market, and have contributed a
file format parser into the public domain to bootstrap VRML viewer

That does not exactly say source, but it implies it.

Certainly bootstrapping VRML development would be greatly aided by
releasing source.

> We're hard at work on a port to Windows NT; that should be ready in
just a
> few days. We're not making any guarantees that it will work under
> 3.1, but we will make an effort.

Anyone have news on this?

Once the parser is out there we will need test files and a JPEG (or GIF2)
Does the AllNodes.vrm file that comes with QvLib draw a picture at all?

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