Re: TriStrips, one last time.

Kevin Goldsmith (
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 11:12:22 -0800 (PST)

When I was at Colossal Pictures, we created a cononical set of Inventor
nodes to make our tools easier to write. We chose the Indexed Face Set
as the best way of representing polygons because it was relatively easy
to convert from all the other types of polys (meshes or whatever) into
it. It is also relatively easy to convert from the Indexed Face Set into
whatever other type of polygonal representation you might want.

Sorry, I've been so quiet on the list, I've been busy with other stuff.

I'd like to address something that has been bugging me for months with
VRML. Some of the ultimate plans people have for VRML are a little
misguided in my opinion. The HTTP protocol is completely wrong for
developing multi-user, immersive VRML. If we ever wanted to go that way,
we would need to rethink the infrastructure that VRML sits upon. I would
also like to point out that there are already several corporate efforts
looking into providing this functionality.