Re: More questions.

Gavin Bell (
Fri, 2 Dec 1994 19:37:25 -0800

> VRML is the data format. What is the protocol?

See my previous message: http/ftp/etc to start.

> We need some
> overview material - what are the minimum requirements of the
> browser.

Uhhh... what does that mean?

>Does level of detail get done in the browser with all
> of the data local?


>Is it done with CGI scripts? or some VES protocol?


> WWWInline currently says that you do not know when the data
> will be fetched. I think it should say it will not be fetched until
> it needs to be. This will allow more sophisticated scenes and
> level of detail schemes.

I see that as a quality of browser issue. May the best browser win...