Re: Comments VRML 1.0 (Draft)

Jan Hardenbergh (
Fri, 02 Dec 94 11:48:00 E

> RE NURBS: How about limited nurbs support, for example optional support,
> or a level of support. For example, only representations of Bezier piece-
> wise cubic patches, which seem to be what most people want to use
> surfaces for anyway. I think the concern for full blown nurbs support
> be that it would dramatically increase the difficulty of writing
> browsers. A polygon-only browser ought to be relatively easy to write
> many of the polygon-based 3D APIs. Full blown nurbs scares people, but
> bezier patches would probably be perceived by 3D API companies and
> browser writers as a more manageable task.

First let's get people's opinions on triStrips and quadMeshes.

As for NURBS, I think they are not that much harder. However, they should
not be included in VRML until we have a royalty free license of code that
will tesselate (turn curved surfaces into polygons) that people can ftp.
The tesselater in the PEX server works most of the time. The thought of
extracting it out and into a "clean" library is about as appealing as
a filling at the dentist...