LANG time and ANNOUNCE intro

Scott Nelson (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 12:25:40 -0800


My name is Scott Nelson. This message is to introduce myself,
and describe our current project.

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is located in California
(USA) about 2 hours east of San Francisco. We have about 8000 employees.
Go to for more info.

I am an antenna designer, EM experimentor, and general electromagneticist.
One of my current projects involves putting together a 3D data system
for WWW distribution of some of our data. We will be attempting to
merge together the VRML/OOGL spec with PACT (a generalized scientific
data format, freely available from LLNL). PACT is being used as part of
the National Grid Project, among other things.

Our design goals are as follows:

1. Simple 3D manipulation: rotate, zoom, translate, materials on/off

2. Platforms: UNIX, PC, Mac

3. data types: vector data, wireframs 3D, polygonal surface,
volumetric mesh data (structured and unstructured) line finite difference
and finite element, solids data

The above data types can vary as a function of time. e.g.:
A. weather simulations showing moving vector data
B. solids simulations using Dyna3D (crashing cars into telephone poles or
earthquake simulations with bridges, thus modify mesh structure)
C. eletromagnetic wave propagation
D. chemical model display

Neither VRML/OOGL nor PACT has everything that we need but we would like
to extend OOGL to support the few features that we need (specifically
time variations) that it doesn't have.

We would also appreciate comments on the above plan. We specifically do
NOT want to duplicate what others are already working on and would be
willing to help other efforts to meet our goals.

Scott Nelson


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