fire up vrml reader

Linas Vepstas (
Tue, 15 Nov 1994 14:34:36 -0600


> There's something basic I don't understand. Let's say I'm looking at a
> regular WWW page with Mosaic. I see a link which points to a VRML file. I
> choose it, and this fires up my VRML reader. I interact with this 3D world
> for a while, and while doing so I perform some sort of action that is
> supposed to load another WWW page.
> The question I have, is how does the VRML reader notify it's calling program
> (Mosaic) that it should load a new page?

No problem, dumb questions accepted. Answer is: don't do that.

To do that, your vrml and html readers have to be "integrated".
In simple terms, they have to be in the same process, i.e. be
one & the same thing. I.E. get the mosaic code, and compile
the vrml code into it.

Of course, you could get fancy, and have the two readers doing
hand-shakes and exchanging events, and what-not, but I don't
know that mozaic or mozilla or any other reader has ever provided
for this sort of multi-viewer function. Not sure why this would
even be an interesting feature, given that the simple solution seems
to work fine.