(no subject)

John D. Charbonneau (jack@well.sf.ca.us)
Tue, 8 Nov 1994 21:44:20 -0800

I'm a contract Windows programmer. I've been busy the last couple of years
working for Sense 8 corp. I was responsible for writing World Toolkit for
Windows. I would like to use this technology to make a VRML reader.

There's something basic I don't understand. Let's say I'm looking at a
regular WWW page with Mosaic. I see a link which points to a VRML file. I
choose it, and this fires up my VRML reader. I interact with this 3D world
for a while, and while doing so I perform some sort of action that is
supposed to load another WWW page.

The question I have, is how does the VRML reader notify it's calling program
(Mosaic) that it should load a new page?