Alistair Milne (
Mon, 7 Nov 94 13:20:14 GMT

Dear All,

Hello there. I just thought I'd take this opportunity to intruduce myself
to you. I am a first year undergraduate studying Computer Science and I'm
deeply interested in virtual reality and the possible benefits it could
bring to society. That's why I subscribed to this mail list in the first
place. I'm not sure yet what benefit I would be to any discussions as they
may at first be a bit over my head but I'm sure I'll find my place soon
enough. When (if!) I finish my degree I would like to either go into the
computer graphics industry or study further in the specific field of computer
Just one point I'd like clearing up (before I barge in on a discussion
with completely the wrong viewpoint), will this group be dealing specifically
with the VRML or will it also investigate some of the possibilities opened
up by VRML in the future?


Alistair Milne
University of Dundee