Re: ADMIN: New VRML Forum Site

Isaac Jackson (
Fri, 04 Nov 94 14:47:23 EST

Can someone send me this specification in wordperfect format. The HP
laserjet III is not accepting and printing all the pages from the
specification. If there is a way to print this from Mosaic and get
all the pages can someone please let me know.



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Subject: ADMIN: New VRML Forum Site
Author: (Mark Pesce) at smtp
Date: 11/3/94 11:54 AM

VRML List Members:

A second VRML forum site has been established at the following URL:

This site has been established for two reasons:

1) To mirror the content of the site at

2) To provide a location for soon-to-be announced VRML forums

We're still in the process of setting up the site (the VRML Draft spec is the
only thing there right now), but over the next weeks it will blossom into
an important locus of VRML information, tools, and techniques.


Mark Pesce
VRML List Moderator
Enterprise Integration Technologies

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