ANNOUNCE: Geomview 1.5 for X
Wed, 2 Nov 94 15:50:44 CST

Geomview for X, version 1.5

The Geometry Center proudly presents release 1.5 of Geomview for the
X Window System. Geomview is an interactive viewer for 3-D geometric
objects and can display objects in the OOGL (Object-Oriented Graphics
Library) file format. It allows users to view and manipulate these
objects via the mouse, the keyboard and through an interpreted command

Geomview and OOGL are part of an ongoing effort at the Geometry Center
to provide interactive 3D graphics software which is particularly
appropriate for displaying the kinds of objects and doing the kinds of
operations of interest in mathematics research and education. You can
compute an OOGL data file of a mathematical object that would be
difficult or impossible to build a model of in the real world.
While geomview is tailored for mathematical visualization, it is
written to be extensible and can serve as a general-purpose tool.
Its functionality can be extended in an almost unlimited fashion by
external modules or programs.

The major changes from the previous version of Geomview for X (1.4.3)
are an improved rendering engine, improvements to the user interface,
and bug fixes. The rendering engine now performs z-buffering, smooth
shading, and dithers for one and eight bit displays. For a more
detailed list of changes since 1.4.3, see the file:


available via ftp from

Geomview for X v1.5 may be obtained in either binary or source code
format via ftp from There are four binary releases
of geomview (for the Sun4, HP, Linux and DEC Alpha platforms) available
in the following files:

/pub/software/geomview/geomview-alpha.tar.Z (still somewhat beta-ish)

The source code release can be found in in:


Any bug reports, comments or questions you have should be sent to and should specify what machine you are on
and which release you are using (binary or source version 1.5).