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Jan Hardenbergh (jch@nell.oki.com)
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Here is something.

While I think SGI is the only party quick enough for this dance, it's nice
to know
what others are doing.

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Subject: 3D Metafile Minutes
Date: Saturday, October 29, 1994 4:13PM


Minutes of the
3D Graphics Metafile Meeting
Airlie, VA
October 11, 1994

Steve Carson, X3H3.1 Chair, opened the meeting by summarizing the purpose
of the meeting. He then asked everyone to introduce themselves.

Fabio Pettinati Apple Computer fabio@apple.com
Kent Davidson Apple Computer dbunny@apple.com
Rikk Carey SGI rikk@sgi.com
Paul S. Strauss SGI pss@sgi.com
Alan Peltzman DISA Center for Standards peltzman@cc.ims.disa.mil
Greg McBroome Lockheed mcbroome@csn.org
Lynn Rosenthal NIST lrosenthal@nist.gov
Lofton Henderson Henderson Software lofton@cgm.com
Mike Heck Template Graphics Software mmh@tgs.com
Bruce Garner Lawrence Livermore Laboratory garner@tis.llnl.gov
Carol Marians Rosetta carolm@preview.com
Bill Protzman DCI protzman@dcs.tacom.drmg.mil
John E. Gebhardt InterCap/Intergraph 71302.417@compuserve.com
Bruce Stockwell Digital Equipement stockwell@bgsdev.enet.dec.com
Richard F. Puk Intelligraphics Inc. rpuk@ajpo.sei.cmu.edu
Steve Carson GSC Associates Inc. carson@siggraph.org


Mr. Carson distributed documents from previous meetings on this topic:
- 3D Metafile Minutes of January 19, 1992
- Comments 3D Graphics Metafile Specification
- 3D Metafile Requirements
- Report on CGM 3-D Requirements with respect to ISO 10303 (STEP)

Mr. Carson presented the Computer Graphics Reference Model and its
reference to 3D Metafiles.

The following presentations were scheduled:
- Apple (Attachment 1)
- SGI (Attachment 2)
- Intercap (Attachment 3)

The content of these presentations is summarized in the attachments through
the handouts made available by the presenters.

A few important, shared observations were:
- The need for a 3D cross-platform graphics format is recognized as
an urgent requirement by most developers. The market is currently hindered
by the lack of such a standard.
- The markets that must be addressed are broad and horizontal in
nature, rather than narrow and vertical. (See the market segment charts in
the Apple and SGI presentations.)

Additional information from SGI:

SGI offerred to send a set of books on Open Inventor to meeting
participants if requested by e-mail at rikk@sgi.com.

SGI noted the availability of documentation from their WWW page
"http://www.sgi.com/tech/Inventor.html". In particular "How to Write an
Inventor File Xlator".

Both Apple and SGI indicated that they are willing to contribute their
designs and modify them in order to produce a single ISO 3D Metafile
standard. Mr. Bono described the typical resources needed to participate
in a standards development effort. Since there appear to be two more or
less mature initial drafts, the first job will be to identify how the two
forms can be merged.

Unfortunately, SGI had to leave prior to the last two presentations.
Mr. Gebhardt presented requirements for merging seemlessly 2D and 3D data.
Mr. Peltzman recommended that STEP be considered when developing a 3D
standard. Parts 42 & 46 of STEP can be obtained from smithb@cme.nist.gov
(Brad Smith). Brad's telephone numbers are:

Part 11 of STEP contains the file encoding.

General Discussion:

A general discussion revealed a variety of interest in working on a 3D
project from intense interest with much bandwidth available to minimal
interest and no bandwidth.. It became apparent that participation by SGI
and Apple would be critical to the success of the project. However, both
have expressed interest in participating.

John Gebhardt agreed to act as project manager for a 3D metafile project.
Tasks which need to be accomplished in the interim include:
- SD-3 for Project
- Capabilities matrix comparing Apple, SGI, and STEP
- Identify editors for the functional description and each of the
encodings to be developed
- Identify technical issues which must be resolved and obtain
argumentation and alternatives from the various input specifications
There was a sense that there should be a meeting within the next three or
four months.

Steve Carson phone: +1-505-521-7399
GSC Associates Inc. fax: +1-505-521-9321
5272 Redman Road e-mail: carson@siggraph.org
Las Cruces, NM 88011 USA