Re: VRML MUD's & Interaction

Karsten Wolf (
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 19:11:26 +0100 (MET)

On Thu, 20 Oct 1994, Linas Vepstas wrote:

> Re: 3D MUD's and Interaction
> 19 Oct 1994 -- Linas Vepstas
> Hi,
> The previous notes brought up (again) the need to do a 3D MUD/MOO
> where user's could interact with objects. I started looking into=20
> that, below follows one possible train of thought; I try to stick=20
> close to mechanisms provided by the web, (as opposed to sticking=20
> close to DIS).
> One does a MUD by having the web client send information back to
> the web server; information such as the things a user is carrying,
> the user's location, a pointer to a vrml URL that other people will=20
> see when they look at the user.
> The server keeps an up-to-date scene graph of all geometry,=20
> locations of objects, etc. As a result of user requests, the=20
> scene graph is updated (i.e. "edited"). A reply containg vrml
> updates is sent. Other users are (somehow) notified of changes.
I think linas brought up again something really important. There is no=20
way yet to inform a WWW-client (e.g. Mosaic): Hey, stupid. The document=20
has been changed right now. Reload it!
Reloading a document just for fun every ten seconds or so would be a=20
waste. Therefore the vrml/moo-clients have to tell the server: here=B4s my=
ip, contact me if there is some change in the document (new person has=20
entered the room etc.). Shouldnt be difficult, but I am just a humble=20
multimedia auteur, not a unix-bare-bones deadhead.

Virtually Yours,


P.S. If I missed a way to solve the above mentioned problem, please=20
forgive my ignorance and forward the info to me!