Re: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?

Linas Vepstas (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 20:11:39 -0500

Hah! something we can agree on.

> From: "Gavin Bell" <>
> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 16:40:14 -0700
> Subject: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?
> What happens when an author specifys a non-VRML URL for a WWWInline?
> There are a couple of possibilities:
> 1. This is an error. We say that a WWWInline must reference a VRML
> file.

Yes, 1. absolutely.

> From: (Don Brutzman)
> Subject: Re: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?
> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:13:07 -0700 (PDT)
> Launching some other browser shouldn't be excessively difficulty since
> there is a lot of client code freely available. Furthermore it is my
> understanding that we are looking at VRML as a superset of HTML
> functionality, e.g. we might be using VRML-compatible HTML-compatible
> (perhaps mosaic-like) viewers to navigate.

The point is that "launching another browser" is not "inlining".
Yes, there must be/will be some other mechanism e.g. WWWAnchor, that
will launch a separate viewer (using the .mailcap and .mime.types files
to select the appropriate viewer).

> The note where I justified these three possibilities disappeared into
> the list without a ripple. Assents, dissents, requests to repost or
> requests to shaddup are welcome!

Yes, they were good. I'm still trying to parse through what must be
a hundred different ways of doing this, to see which ones work the best.
More tommorrow.