Re: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?

Gavin Bell (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:49:47 -0700

On Oct 17, 5:19pm, Robert Glidden wrote:
> Subject: Re: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?
> Wouldn't the ability to access different kinds of data, such as a
> hypertext document, be a key feature of vrml? I would imagine that a
> shopping mall would want to be able to eventually open up a catalog
> items available at a particular shop, for example.

Yes; I'm not suggesting that WWWAnchor (the node you'd use for a
"click on the alligator-shoe for an HTML description") be restricted to
VRML. Only WWWInline.

It makes perfect sense for WWWAnchor to point to non-VRML data.