Re: WWWInline; include non-VRML data?

Don Brutzman (
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 17:13:07 -0700 (PDT)

Gavin Bell writes:
> What happens when an author specifys a non-VRML URL for a WWWInline?
> For example, what happens to this VRML scene:
> #VRML V1.0 ascii
> Separator {
> Cube { }
> Translation { translation 3 0 0 }
> WWWInline { name "" }
> }

On 26 SEP I proposed that vrml links have three possibilities:
- The link adds more .vrml nodes into the current scene
- The link spawns a separate browser or browsers
(gopher mosaic lynx www xv vrml et al. as specified by URLs &/or .mailcap)
- The link replaces all nodes in the current scene

If some image is to be used as a texture, it makes sense to use the
Texture2 definition and let it recognize texture images via URL filenames.

Launching some other browser shouldn't be excessively difficulty since
there is a lot of client code freely available. Furthermore it is my
understanding that we are looking at VRML as a superset of HTML
functionality, e.g. we might be using VRML-compatible HTML-compatible
(perhaps mosaic-like) viewers to navigate.

The note where I justified these three possibilities disappeared into
the list without a ripple. Assents, dissents, requests to repost or
requests to shaddup are welcome!

regards, Don

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