Re: LANG: Re: Content, net-distribution aspects of VRML/Inventor/HTML/WWW

Mark Waks (
Fri, 30 Sep 94 15:11:07 EDT

John Gaffney suggests:
>If the name string in the above nodes could accomodate a reference to local
>3D object data files (perhaps a standard set distributed on CD-ROM), then
>the data only needs to move from local disk, and speed is potentially

I actually made this point a couple of months ago, and we discussed it
for a while. The conclusion was that the folks working on URL
extensions are apparently trying to address these sorts of issues now
(where there are potentially multiple copies of an object, some more
convenient than others). We decided to wait and see if anything came
out of that work, rather than duplicate effort now; if the URL folks
solve the problem, it should be applicable to our needs.

(I confess to *some* skepticism that they *will* solve it -- it's a
hard problem in the general case. But I'm willing to wait and see;
we should be able to add local caching and alternate names later,
if needed...)

-- Justin

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