Lifelike Computer Characters, 94

Mike Roberts (miker@nashua.progress.COM)
Wed, 21 Sep 1994 10:17:33 PDT

Below is the program for Lifelike Computer Characters, which some on the list
may be interested in ......

(originally from Gene Ball at Microsoft, who gave a frankly amazing demo of
MS ATG 3-d related stuff at CHI 94)

-- Mike

Enclosed is the advance schedule for Lifelike Computer Characters '94,
which will be held at Snowbird, Utah from Tuesday evening Oct. 4, through
Friday evening, Oct. 7, 1994. I think we have an excellent group of
and the conference will be a great opportunity to learn about computer
character efforts around the world.
There is still room for additional people who wish to attend, so
feel free to
forward the schedule to colleagues that you think might be interested.
For more
information, email or call Terri Hendry at (206)
or myself at (206) 936-5653.
Gene Ball

Lifelike Computer Characters '94
Snowbird, Utah
Advance Schedule

Tuesday October 4
2-5pm Registration, Cliff Lodge Lobby, Level C

5:30pm Dinner

Tuesday October 4, Evening
7:00pm Hal Barwood, Lucas Arts
Probing the Black Box in our Heads

7:40pm Justine Cassell, University of Pennsylvania
Automatically Generating Conversational Behaviors in
Animated Agents

8:20pm Joe Olive, Bell Labs
Text to Speech Synthesis

Wednesday October 5, Morning
8:30am Joe Bates, Carnegie-Mellon University
Realism and Believable Agents

9:10am Keith Waters, DEC
Articulate Real-Time Lip-Synchronized Synthetic
Face Characters

10:20am Gene Ball, Microsoft
Spoken Language Processing in the Persona
Conversational Assistant

11:00am Chris Crawford
A Behavior -Based Approach to Interactive Storytelling

Wednesday October 5, Evening
7:00pm Poster Introductions

8:00-9:30 Poster/Discussion sessions

Janet Cahn: "Expressive and Emotional Synthesized Speech"
Tom Calvert, Sang Mah, Armin Bruderlin: "Personality and
Emotion Through Movement"
Matthew Dunn: "Animate Theory: Perception of Animate Life
in Media"
Clark Elliott: "Building Emotionally Intelligent Agents"
B.J. Fogg, Youngme Moon: "Computer as Teammate:
Effects on user attitude and behavior"
Julia Hirschberg: "Intonational Variation in Synthetic Speech"
Ken Perlin: "A Remarkably Lifelike Implementation of a
Synthetic Computer Character"
Michael Kenneth Powers: "Character as Media"
S. Shyam Sundar: "Psychosocial Effects of Self-Referencing:
Can a Computer Say 'I'?"
Nicole Yankelovich: "Personification in Speech Acts"

Thursday October 6, Morning
8:30am Akikazu Takeuchi, Sony
Situated Agents

9:10am Ian Maitlan, Tisch School of the Arts
Livening Up Animation

10:20am Carol Strohecker, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Characters as Multilingual Spice in a Networked
Graphical Environment

11:00am Fil Alleva, Microsoft
The Computer is Listening, but What's Between the Ears?
Current and Future Prospects for Automatic Speech

Thursday October 6, Evening
7:00pm Poster Introductions

8:00-9:30 Poster/Discussion sessions

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw: "Combining Agent Authoring and Learning
Agent Paradigms: Some Hints from Knowledge
Acquisition Research"
H.P. Graf, T.Chen, K. Brown, L.D. Jackel: "Animated Images of
Speakers for Image Compression"
Patricia Griffin: "Performer Driven Lip-synchronous Animation"
Jessica Hodgins, David C. Brogan, Wayne Wooten: "Realistic
Motion for Animated Figures
Katherine Isbister, Terre Layton: "Intelligent Agents: a review
of current literature"
Akira Kotani, Pattie Maes: "Guide Agents for Virtual Environments"
Bruce Krulwich: "Natural command interfaces incorporating
speech and gesture"
John E. Laird: "Developing Humanlike AI Agents for Large Scale
Simulation Environments"
Pattie Maes: "Interaction with Animated Autonomous Agents:
What we've learned so far with the ALIVE system"
Daniel M. Russell: "Dialog Models for Intelligent Agents"

Friday October 7, Morning
8:30am Byron Reeves, Stanford University
Emotional Responses to Media

9:10am Clifford Nass, Stanford University
Human-Computer Interaction as Interpersonal Interaction:
Computers as Personalities in human-computer

10:20am Marc Raibert, MIT AI Lab and Boston Dynamics
Animated Robots and Robotic Animation

Friday October 7, Evening
7:00pm Neil Gershenfeld, MIT Media Lab
On The Electrodynamics of Bodies

7:40pm To Be Announced

8:20pm Brad deGraf, Colossal Pictures
Moxy, World's first talking orange dog