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Wed, 14 Sep 1994 13:22:27 -0700

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The Virtual Reality Educational Foundation, Inc...
affectionately known as VeRGe (the Virtual Reality Group)...
invites you to our September 1994 meeting,

VR on the Internet

What kind of virtual world would *you* build in
cyberspace? How can you get involved in building it?
The effervescent Mark Pesce spearheaded the recent
development of VRML (virtual reality modeling
language), an emerging standard for VR on the Internet,
and it allows laypeople--non-programmers--to build
virtual worlds. Mark will discuss and demonstrate this
exciting achievement and also present Labyrinth, a 3D,
WorldWideWeb, multi-platform VRML browser. Mark's
presentation is geared toward general and technical
audiences, but will especially intrigue educators, artists,
and tech-heads.

Before Mark's talk, VeRGe co-founder Linda Jacobson
will report on the world's first VR wedding. For the
show'n'tell portion of VeRGe, Ed Mobley from
VictorMaxx in Chicago will be premiering their new "low
cost VR Headset" CyberMax.x--and provide the usual f2f
networking opportunities.

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 1994
7:30 p.m.
Exploratorium's McBean Theater, San Francisco
Requested donation: $5