Re: What happened to VRML?
Thu, 15 Sep 94 12:16:52 EDT

If I could cash in everyones 2 cents worth on this list, I would be a rich
man! Can't we get back to the technical aspects of VRML? Will I have to
revert back to the digest version in order to save wear and tear on my
mailbox? Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of todays story....

The results of the survey was a valuable document. May I suggest that we
attempt to sift through all of the technical suggestions made in the
postings of this list as well as the conceptual ideas expressed and try
to expand upon the survey so that each area has a general framework and
direction? I dont know about others but just following a subject thread
is a poor way to develop something like VRML.

Robert K. Foster
Analyst / Designer / Programmer
Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc., Lansing, MI, USA