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Adam T. McClure (
Wed, 14 Sep 1994 09:09:07 -0600

>I think what we have been talking about is using the Inventor file format
>combined with some HTML stuff as VRML. We then have to write the graphics
>code, calling the appropriate graphics libraries for our machines, that
>display the information in the VRML file appropriately for a VRML file
>Perhaps the best approach at this point is to try to get copies of the
>Inventor Mentor to learn about nodes, etc. An overview can be had from the
>summary on-line (Real Soon Now).
>[ Afterthought: Perhaps I worded the above paragraphs too strongly. We
>could use Inventor for the SGI browser, but since we have to compile on
>other platforms which do not have OI available yet and where OI will cost
>money, we might as well write the functions we need for all browsers and
>use those same functions on the SGI as well. However, if the SGI users
>want to get together and write a browser, and the HP people want to write
>their own and the PC and Mac people write their own, I guess there is
>nothing wrong with that. ]
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Fine. It looks like that's going to essentially be my next project here at
work and I'm trying to figure out the best platform to work with. I ahve
access to basically every UNIX platform (alpha, decstation, AIX, Sun, SGI)
as well as the Mac. I am going to buy a Pentium-90 (despite being slower
than a PPC) soon so I can run WinNT stuff on it. What I really need info
on at this point is where VRML is going (BTW, I've been reading every
article on this list since its inception) in terms of development and if
there's any reasonable way I can evaluate my 3d development needs to bring
the implementation of my ideas into alignment with the future directions of
VRML. I would like to ship myself off to WWW94, but they've suspended
registration so I will have to rely on the reports from the Labyrinth Group
and others, but I believe our showing there will in large part determine
where we're going. If I need to buy a RealityEngine to do this project I
probably will, I just thought it would be nice to make it VRML compat as

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Thanks for your time.

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