a thought

Kevin Goldsmith (unitcirc@netcom.com)
Sun, 11 Sep 1994 13:03:48 -0700 (PDT)

Do we want VRML to replace HTML? I don't know what people's opinions are
on this. I think that I've heard that expressed. I would think not.
Why can't they exist together? I would rather read text as text on a
page as opposed to a virtual book with pages that would be very hard to
read. Maybe there would be a viewer so that a VRML link in an HTML
document would pop up a VRML viewer (or even better, inline it). It
would be almost impossible for us to create something with VRML that
would replace HTML they are too different and serve completely different

I don't think that I going against the consensus of the group
with these statements. I just have been picking up clues from some
people's posts that there might be a feeling like this existing.