Re: Office Space ;) and coordinate systems

Kevin Goldsmith (
Fri, 2 Sep 1994 12:24:57 -0700 (PDT)

> Using this system, every 3D object would have a center based on it's local
> coordinate position and scale. This would allow a Graphical Interface
> system to make use of `place the center of the object here` routines
> to aid in rapid placement of objects. Scaling could be automatic to
> the scale of the environment or the scale of the newly placed object.
> A total environment could then be treated as an object in and of itself
> and made available via a VRML transaction request.
I'm pretty sure that every system would work that way. Objects
are better reused if they are modeled in their own local coordinate spaces.
I don't know about automatic scaling of objects. We'd have to look at
that further. On a gut level, I don't like it, unless it can be disabled
by the object.

> I think it is obvious to me that VRML can only be a *transaction*
> language. That is to say, that building a Virtual Reality environment
> will best be done using a CAD-like environment, not a scripting
> environment. Sure, everything will get translated into VRML but the
> actual placement and creative process will most likely be through
> a Graphical, perhaps Virtual also, User Interface.
I agree with this. Although I do think that scripting should be
part of later versions of VRML, but in a very contained way.

Also, API vs. language: do you mean that there is a VRML library and we
write applications that link to it? Explain further (if I am being
stupid, then return via e-mail).

Somebody posted a message that was a response to something I said
earlier. My mailer ate that post, can I get another copy of it?