Re: Office Space ;) and coordinate systems

Joe Andrieu (andrieu@alta.COM)
Fri, 2 Sep 94 10:16:43 PDT

Dave Raggett writes:

>From a point of view of someone designing a VR room or building it
>would make a lot of sense to use a coordinate system that is natural
>for architectural plans, i.e. to have X and Y in the plane of the plan
>and Z upwards in the vertical direction. For a right handed coordinate
>system that gives:
> X increasing to the right
> Y increasing into the screen
> Z increasing up the screen.

>I want to choose my coords to simplify the *design* of the VR scene
>*NOT* an artifactual viewing position.

I agree completely. IMHO, the coordinates should be based on the _space_
not the view. My vote goes for the above set of X,Y,Z.


Joe Andrieu