Re: FYI... press release

Michael D. Doyle (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 23:04:16 -0700

Unfortunately, we're constrainted from doing anything but confidential demos
until late November. At that point, however, we'll be more than happy to
give you copies and help you get a system up. In the meantime, our WWW
server ( has a very good demo image of the
system. Within the next week or so, you'll also be able to find a 10MB
Quicktime movie demo at that address.

>>It's already been done. We've got both client and server code for the
>>Alpha, as well.
>>> Have you considered porting the Mosaic client to a DEC alpha box?
>>> They have a lot of extra cycles lying around and it might be
>>> a nice fit.
>I would be extremely interested in picking up a copy of the Alpha code.
>Could you possibly give me an ftp/html address? Thanks! :)
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