Re: More Re: FYI... press release

Michael D. Doyle (
Thu, 1 Sep 1994 00:45:52 -0700


We're going to put up a dedicated visualization server later this fall that
will serve up volume visualizations of various biomedical datasets. At that
time we'll also release our modified X Mosaic clients for Sun and SGI. We
may be able to release a Windows version of the client then too, but we
don't have any immediate plans to make a Mac version.

>> Out of curiosity, did you publicly demonstrate this or publish any results
>> before 1994?
>Nope. I've done lots of demos to many parties in private,
>but never did any public demos. Well, ocassionally on the side at
>InterOps and once at SIG-WEB a few months ago. Nothing big.
>As for publishing results, well, things leak to www heavies and www-talk,
>etc, but I havn't really "publish" stuff. I'm shooting myself in the
>foot for that now :) Live and learn I guess.
>> I remember talking to people from ORA at the first SIG-WEB
>> meeting in November of 1993 and they said that no such features were yet
>> publicly demonstrable in Viola. I seem to remember that they hinted at the
>> time that someone was trying to get something to work, but it wasn't ready
>> to show yet.
>Hmm, dunno who you talked to, but there's *very* few people at ORA who
>would know this. I don't think the only other viola programmer,
>at the time, went to SIG-WEBs. But, yup, those embeddable objects
>features were certainly in place by then, and were being demonstrated
>to visitors. It may be just that whomever you talked to didn't know
>how to set it up then or something...
>Anyway, your system sounds pretty cool. Is this something I can ftp,
>setup, and play with?
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