Re: FYI... press release

Michael D. Doyle (
Wed, 31 Aug 1994 10:20:38 -0700

Of course the difference here is that we've implemented this over
open-distributed-hypermedia networks, such as the WWW.

>Hmm. I wrote a client/server system a few years ago in which the server
>even specified the UI for the client (ie. it could create menus etc.
>in addition to being able to send images, and create hyperlinks etc.)
>Basically, it was sending lisp programs to the client, and the client
>was sending lisp programs to the server. Those were *real* program
>objects. The lisp was scheme, and yes, we did solve the security
>Interestingly, this system dies to politics of a large corporation...
>though I stitill think a lot of good concepts were in it.
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