clarification of rendermorphics license issues

D. Owen Rowley (
Fri, 26 Aug 1994 12:02:53 -0700

I have been made aware that there is some confusion about the use of
rendermorphics librarys in Labyrinth, and the license issues involved.

Too often the limits of ascii based conversation media ( news, E_mail,
lists and Digests) slap up against the factor that what is not said
can take a few passes 'round the un-room to properly work themselves

In addition, it is easy to infer connectivity of issues that are left

In this case, I have been asked to state clearly that the rendering
libraries and services provided to Labyrinth are NOT the same
products that rendermorphics provides to licensees.

I have no position with either labyrinth Group Nor Rendermorphics other
than to be in good contact with both. I'm sure that further clarifications
should come from those entitys themselves, so I won't further complicate
any possible confusion by speculating what that might be.

But there has been some concern raised in e-mail outside the list,
and it is imperative that these concerns be known as baseless.

Please be assured that the Labyrinth Group announcement of
rendermorphics capability in its demos and public domain offerings
is not to be construed as any deviation from announced direction or
licensing of product from Rendermorphics, nor is it any deviation from
their consistent marketting model whatsoever.

Thank you for your attention.

LUX ./. owen