LANG: Re: Standardizing coordinate systems, units of measure
Fri, 19 Aug 94 10:57:25 EDT


I have been receiving the digest version of the list for a while now and
decided to add something to the discussion that may or may not have been
covered before. I would appreciate being directed to any previous
appropriate messages/reference materials on this subject.

As regards coordinate systems, what about the following:

Those of you who have used a 'Viewmaster' when you were a kid, or seen a
3D movie, or viewed aerial photographs using a stereoscopic viewer are
familiar with the 3D effects seen with this 'equipment'. Eventually, I
feel it would be possible to use a 'two-screen' viewer, attached like
a mouse or a keyboard, to access the data on a computer system.

to be able to calculate two different viewing vectors for a scene and send
one view to one display(right) and one view to another display(left).
Sound would also have to be directed in this way, since sight and sound
are currently the major senses 'tricked' by virtual reality. Ability to
adjust the angle between the two vectors would also be necessary to
allow for variations in eyesight. I feel a coordinate system would be very
important to such an implementation as well as including this as part of
VRModelling object description/definitions. Any thoughts?



Robert K. Foster
*Struggling* Analyst / Designer / Programmer
Mid-Michigan MRI, Inc., Lansing, MI, USA