Re: Standardizing coordinate systems, units of measure

Adrian F Clark (
Fri, 5 Aug 94 09:35:48 +0100

I've read the discussion about coordinate systems with some amusement,
since it seems to surface about once a year in some forum or other.

The origin of the "Y is up" system is obvious when you think about it:
2-D graphics naturally has the X-axis along the bottom of the screen
and the Y-axis up the left edge. When it became necessary to add a
Z-axis, it was natural to retain the convention for the X- and Y-axes.
However, the choice of having the Z-axis represent distance into the
screen (sensible enough when you consider Z-buffer rendering) is
inconvenient from a mathematical viewpoint, since this is a
left-handed coordinate system while vector analysis uses a
right-handed one.

Personally, I don't care which axis points where -- but let's have a
right-handed coordinate system!


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