Re: Labyrinth at SIGKIDS '94 Report

Paul Burchard (
Wed, 3 Aug 94 11:27:30 -0500

Dave Raggett <> writes:
> Congratulations to Mark for a job well done. I followed
> the URL to the museum and liked the images, but without a
> VRML 0.9 browser I wasn't able to move around the room.

Hmmm...have you tried WebOOGL? Our implementation comes with a
full-featured interactive 3D viewer, bidirectionally connected to
Mosaic. It allows both teleport and embedding links from 3D to 3D,
as well as links from 3D to other MIME types such as HTML, and links
from HTML to 3D. See

> It would be cool if people could view vrml scenes with just
> their Mosaic browser. To do this run the graphics code on
> an HTTP server and use it to generate 2D gif images of the
> scene. Include at the bottom of the image a control panel
> for changing the viewpoint.

Have you tried Cyberview? It does exactly this, minus the linking.
Even better, you don't have to use a control panel to change the
viewpoint. Just click where you want to look on the object(s). See

It wouldn't be hard to add WebOOGL support to Cyberview to allow

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