Re: PHIL: What's outside VR?

Panu Ervamaa (
Sun, 31 Jul 1994 01:45:42 +0300 (EDT)

> WWW consists of distributed information connected through hyperlinks, thus
> building an information graph. For simplifying navigation within the graph and
> avoiding the 'lost in hyperspace'-problem the user should be offered a large
> number of navigation tools.

What if someone wants to build an labyrinth with www-links - maybe a
nice price (room) waiting in the other end of it? There should be a way to get
really "lost in hyperspace". That means locations ("spaces") that can be reached
only from the specified positions. (hmm.. random "access-number or key" to the
destination space -- created and sent to dest. when entering the link?)

Still - there must always be a "reject" button available, if someone gets
really sick in a psychedelic "deja-vu-neverending-loop" (what a nightmare :).

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